Monday, November 2, 2015

Remote Terminal now Open-Source

Today is an interesting day for me because I am finally releasing the source code of Remote Terminal to the public.

To be honest, I am a bit anxious about this step because I have never released anything of this magnitude as open-source before.
I have tried dipping my toes into the open-source pond almost a decade ago (see .NET StreamLib on SourceForge) but that was a really small side project which didn't spark any public response whatsoever. I guess it was never intended to do so, otherwise I would have put more effort into it.
But this time I am serious. I want it to be different with Remote Terminal.


I have chosen for hosting the Remote Terminal project.
For now, there's just the source code and a simple README. However, in the next days I will fill the issue tracker with some open issues that were reported to me by users of the app and maybe add some kind of instruction on how to build the project from scratch (which should be pretty straightforward).


Remote Terminal is licensed under the GPLv3 license.


Any contributions are welcome. Really, anything that improves the functionality, versatility or documentation of Remote Terminal is welcome. I should warn you though, I am neither an experienced project manager, nor really familiar with pull/merge requests or open-source collaboration (yet). So please bear with me if I don't get everything right in the beginning.

Also, I hope that I have made a decent enough (manual...) migration of the TFS repository I have used for development until the latest release. I didn't really get the branching model back then and made strange merges of single commits that I have translated into cherry picks during the migration. I guess it doesn't really matter anymore since the Windows8.0 branch is really a throw-away branch now.

At my workplace we started a transition from Subversion to Git a few months ago and while evaluating our development model and best practices we came across the following two blog posts which we found very useful. I have decided to follow these guides in my private projects too so they shall be the base for further development on Remote Terminal.
If you want to contribute and have any questions regarding the source code, for example how different components/classes are working together, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be more than glad to answer your questions.

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